Deck Tracker

Powerful 3D stage tracking

Deck Tracker will bring the magic of automatic followspots and interactive stage visuals to a new audience. Calibration is dead simple and requires no measuring. It adopts the inexpensive cameras and hardware from VR Tracker.
Coming Summer 2019

Automatic Followspots
Deck Tracker turns any moving light into an automatic spotlight, following performers with superhuman accuracy.
Feature 1
Customizable OSC messages route the X-Y-Z position data from any tag to visuals software of your choice, like QLab or Isadora.
Feature 2
Deck Tracker runs on any Mac computer and uses inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware from VR Tracker.
Feature 2

Development support from

Samson MediaWorks

in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Shahan Mohammed
Samson MediaWorks